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About Us


When was the last time you felt at home, away from home?

Where was the last trip that you took, brining enormous warmth and broad smile on your face?

And most importantly, when was the last time, you felt safe, protected and guarded as you explored unknown destinations.

SafeHands was founded with the sole purposed of bestowing the best, life-enriching and rare experiences to foreign travelers as they explore India, our tantalizing country.

We always aim at bringing out the best in your travel journeys through innovative, ‘out-of-the-box’ and unique experiences. Each travel journey is crafted by our expert team, having years of experience in creating the timeless journeys for travelers. We take pride in knowing how to serve you the best, with warmth and care.

Our prime motto is to build trust, commitment and long-lasting relationships which can last a lifetime. That’s exactly why we are ‘safe’, ‘trusted’ and ‘protective’.

No matter, what part of India you wish to explore, no matter how difficult it is to get there, we would make your wish come true. We would always be there with you, with our well-experienced tour guides and other facilities, always looking out for your safety and concerns.

So, every time you think of holidaying in India, do remember us. 


About Company 

No team, in spite of its strength and number, can actually touch your heart if they do not value your concern, safety and tastes.

We at SafeHands Travel believe that business is not just amount minting money but rather creating life-time experiences, matchless and pure. As we grow day by day, we realize it even more how important it is to make you smile, trust and be carefree.

We believe in creative responsive and customized tours and travel journeys for you, crafted by our team of experts, knowing your concerns and preferences.

Unlike any corporate travel company, we believe in making promises and living up to it. That’s our biggest satisfaction, more than what money can endow.

We also firmly recognize and understand the importance of Eco-Tourism to improve the well being of indigenous populace with high responsibilities.

We highly regard the growing trends of responsible tourism in India and that’s exactly how we place our business ethics at the highest standards.

Our customer service offers matchless, 24*7 facilities, solving your query within minutes, to make you feel safe and cared for. That’s our business mantra, our only goal.

Trust in us as you would trust your family. We would always protect you, for always!


Visio and Mission

Our Team

We are a bunch of enthusiastic, entrepreneurial and daring professionals, crafting out unique and innovative ways of explaining India through travel journeys.

Rohit Srivastava

Hailing from Allahabad, one of the famous cities in Uttar Pradesh known for festive Kumbh Mela celebrations, Rohit holds a graduation degree in management in his repertoire. With more than 17 years of experience in Indian tourism industry, Rohit encapsulates the true mix of commitment, originality and vision.

Undoubtedly, a remarkable visionary in tourism industry, Rohit has crafted several new realms of exploring India in his past experience, brining originality and quality to the traveler’s experience.

He has interacted with thousands of travelers from different parts of the globe, knowing their culture, tastes and preferences. An avid traveler himself, Rohit is fondly called as the ‘King of Ideas’ within his circle and widely respected for his ethics, commitment and caring personality.

Dr. Rahul Chandra

After earning a much coveted Doctorate in Management studies, Rahul has experimented for several years in both government and private sector.

For years, he has been a motivating force for thousands of mentees seeking for personality development and inculcation of leadership skills.

A master of an intelligent and passionate personality, Rahul has carved a name for himself in Business Analytics as well. A firm believer in creating his own destiny on his own terms, Rahul’s life has been an enterprising saga in itself.

Dr. Anand Rai

A soft, caring and pleasing personality, Dr. Anand’s life proudly reveals his hard-earned Doctorate in Management Degree. With a burning passion for research and getting to the very depth of every minute detail, Anand hails from an academic background.

He loves to explore untamed, virgin and unexplored destinations and creating life long memories wherever he goes.

Along with being a multi-tasker, Anand also has the knack of storytelling and imagination. He loves making business strategies and has turned around many small and medium entities.

Ashutosh Kasera

Starting from his humble backgrounds, life as a journey for Ashutosh has been a highly rewarding and relishing experience.

Starting and learning from his own little steps and endeavours, what makes him different from everyone is the positivity and grace with which he accepts his life and constantly seeks to improve it. Starting his career as a writer, Ashutosh also experimented with photography, travelling, digital marketing and brand building.

He notices the minutest of details, often over looked in our everyday life, endowing them recognition through his words and photographs. The technical brain of Safe Hands Travels, he has created this niche you are currently discovering.